Stock investment using Elliott Wave Analysis

Add Elliott Wave Analysis to your stock investment toolbox and do better buys and sells

A wise guy told that the stock market is absolutely predictable: It goes up and it goes down. Joking aside, this is exactly the challenge: How to time buys and sells. How to avoid buying when price is moving down? How to avoid selling when future price is higher?  This is where Elliott Wave Analysis delivers surprisingly reliably analysis of price curves. It also connect nicely to conventional technical analysis and also to fundamental analysis of companies and markets.

Take an interesting stock like Novo Nordisk’s. This company shows decades of impressing performance in product quality, revenue growth and profit margin. Therefore next to every kind of investment strategy – buy-and-hold, trend followers, fundamentals-based etc. – had good results with Novo Nordisk. At least until 2016 when the shadow side of excessive price hikes and a risk-neglecting top-management caused three profit-warnings and a crashing stock price.  No doubt that the company was still a capable medicine  developer, and – with CEO and top brass replaced – presumably able to rebuild itself.  But to mend reputation takes years. And until then trading this stock is more demanding than before and thus more powerful techniques needed. Like Elliott’s.

Elliott Wave Analysis of Novo Nordisk

Elliott Wave Analysis of Novo Nordisk

The illustration shows the stepwise crashing from august 2016, the faint attempt to restore sentiment around Christmas, and then the shaky restoration with Q1 and Q2 in first half of 2017. Elliott-waves are marked, but forecast of post-August are not shown.  The dip in August – just prior to Q2 published – presents itself as a good buy.

Elliot create novel insight, even when chaotic price movements

Elliott Wave Analysis fleshes out the ups on downs in each life cycle of a company. Applying Elliott’s rules and guidelines allows digging into stock rate movements, and promising entry and exit points become visible. Influence from important events in and around the company are taken into account to fine-tune trading decisions.

Surely stock rates are random to some extend.  And surely there are stock rate curves which cannot be analyzed properly, not even with Elliott’s tools. And surely Elliott frequently points to more than one plausible action, like one up- and one downward-based. But despite you cannot trade immediately your attention becomes focused on which forecast gradually materializes and when to trade safely.

Elliott Wave Analysis brings understanding of the deep meaning of the stock curve’s twists and turns, and results in scenarios for the future development. It is amazing to experience how much Elliott’s lifts analyst’s insight.

To whom is this course directed

Course is for stock-investors possessing an analytical mindset, a disciplined way of working and a strong wish to optimize buy and sell decision. Such individuals find Elliott’s methodology really useful, probably afterwards not doing any buy or sell without having Elliott-tools at work. There is no educational prerequisites.

Elliott Wave Analyis including Fibonacci-estimation

Elliott Wave Analyis including Fibonacci-estimation

Course overview

Halfday 1
  • Overview of investment strategies
  • Elliott’s theory and tools
  • Workflow of qualitative Elliott-analysis using course’s cheat-sheet
  • Analysis of participant-selected stocks
  • Between course-days each participant analyzes a stock and prepares for presentation on next course-day
Halfday 2
  • Introduction to quantitative aspects of Elliott’s analysis, especially Fibonacci-calculations of price movements
  • How to use quantitative analysis for confirmation and expansion of Elliott-analysis
  • Exercises in analysis of selected stocks

Time, place and pricing

Next course takes place at Innovia, Langebjerg 6, 2850 Nærum in February 2018.

Course fee is 1750 kr. ex. moms including course materials and meals. Registration form available here. Further information: Please see contact information.  We will be happy to supply information and experiences with this course.

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