Elliott is my friend

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Our course in Elliott wave analysis has ended and experiences from participants keep coming to considerate satisfaction to all involved. Amazing how buy and sell becomes more precise, and amazing how relaxed you yourself becomes. Not all patterns awaited becomes reality, but an impressing percentage do. The only thing I regret is 2017 was the first year I used it full scale – near 100 diagrams are in production use – but this is the old story on any step forward, I think.

Here is an example of how I use Elliott when trading YY, one of the fast-growing chinese Internet-companies.  Not having invested in this company before the challenge is to select a proper entry point. No one wants to enter at too high price, and YY has already grown more than 100% in 2017. So now or a bit late or not-at-all (ie. late to the party). I will keep you posted on how it progresses.


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